Tewin Orchard & Hopkyns Wood Nature Reserve

This traditional village orchard has locally distinct fruit varieties and a hide which is perfect for watching badgers and other mammals from.

Tewin Orchard represents an almost extinct feature of the English countryside: that of small village orchards with varied and often local fruit trees. Today not only is the orchard good for apples and pears but many forms of wildlife. In autumn and winter the apples attract large numbers of redwings, fieldfares and blackbirds. Other birds using the orchard include yellowhammers, greenfinches, linnets and goldfinches. In contrast, Hopkyns Wood is a shady oak and hornbeam wood with ground flora dominated by bluebells and garlic-smelling ransoms in springtime. Its real secret is the old and complex badger sett that visitors can book in advance to watch these animals up close.

Opening Times

Open daily


Tewin Village
Welwyn Garden City