Driverless Cars: The Impact on Society

Driverless cars are a very real prospect on Britain’s roads in the near future. What might this mean for society? Will roads be safer or less safe? Will the technology exacerbate the ‘North-South’ divide? Will autonomous vehicles enhance the lives of those who are not themselves able to drive? What will happen when we have some autonomous vehicles on the road and some still with a human driver? What are the implications for insurance? Cranfield University has a stretch of road on the campus which is ‘driverless vehicle’ ready with all the wifi connections and sensors for doing experiments. It is also the only university in Europe with its own airport and autonomous vehicles have significant potential for airport operation. Professor Helen Atkinson, CBE, draws on her expertise in engineering and education to explore some of the effects of technology, such as driverless cars, on human society. Price: £10


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