Hertford Theatre Week - Day 2 (The Women of Troy)

THE WOMEN OF TROY by EURIPIDES adapted by CHRISSIE WAITES (Heath Players) Thousands of years ago, the ancient city of Troy fell to the Greeks, after almost ten years of war. With the city besieged and destroyed, the Women of Troy had no homes to return to - and no one to fight for them. In a women’s psychiatric hospital, Troy Ward has been shut down and the patients are being re-assigned elsewhere. Reeling from the news that they are to be ripped from their home, the Women of Troy are waiting. Clinging to each other for comfort, the women try not to fall apart as they wonder what might be in store for them. One by one they are taken away to their new wards, with no idea what to expect. A new interpretation of Euripides’ famous tragedy, The Women of Troy is a story of love and loss, strength and despair, loyalty, cruelty and madness.


Hertford Theatre
The Wash

SG14 1PS