Hertford Theatre Week - Day 3 (In Praise of Love)

IN PRAISE OF LOVE by TERENCE RATTIGAN (Global Theatre Company) A moving and powerful drama about concealed truths within a marriage based, in part, on the real-life situation of the actor, Rex Harrison and his wife, Kay Kendall. The play, set during the nineteen seventies, takes place in an Islington flat which is the home of Sebastian Cruttwell, a distinguished literary critic, and his wife, Lydia, a former Estonian refugee and concentration camp survivor. Lydia confesses to a family friend that she has been keeping a secret from Sebastian. However, Sebastian is so absorbed in his work and his own opinions that he doesn’t appear to be interested in either Lydia or his grown-up son, Joey. But Sebastian is also keeping a secret….


Hertford Theatre,
The Wash,
SG14 1PS