Croxley Common Moor Site of Special Scientific Interest and Local Nature Reserve

Whilst all around land has been built on or improved for agriculture, Croxley Common Moor remains little changed.  River action, combined with centuries of grazing, has produced a rich and diverse plant life.  The Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest due to the diversity of plant life and a Local Nature Reserve because of its value to local people.


Over 250 different types of plants have been found on the moor.  Small scale changes in the land increases the variety.  Where the terrain is raised the freely draining ground produces dry soil, poor in nutrients, favouring many flowering plants.  Where the ground falls into hollows soil becomes water logged, lending to different plant communities.  Meadow ants make ant hills on the moor – this attracts green woodpeckers as they are their favourite food.  The grassland and scattered bushed provides homes for birds, small mammals and countless insects.


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