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Ellie Graham
6th October 2022

From Bridgerton to Harry Potter, The Crown to After Life, our county has an amazing film heritage, and we're here to tell you all about it! With its beautiful landscapes, picturesque buildings, thriving culture, and wonderful history, we're proud to call Hertfordshire our home. And, as it makes its way onto our screens time and time again, it's not just the locals who have heart eyes for Herts. Take a look through our glimpses into the county's filming scene, and see just why it's being dubbed the Hollywood of the U.K.! 

Herts, Camera, Action!

With such a wide filming scene, from action and heritage to crime and fantasy, Hertfordshire is the place to be when it comes to dazzling on screen moments. We've seen some of our favourites come and shoot, direct, and perform all across the county, and we want to share with you the best bits!

And it's not just us popcorn-eaters, edge-of-our-seat-sitters that are celebrating Herts' culture and wonder. The brilliant makers and producers within the county are proudly bringing you, family and friends a range of experiences, tours and trails through which you can enjoy Herts' film heritage. Check out all that we have to offer, and how you can make the most of your film-tastic visit to Hertfordshire. 

Read through some of the highlights of Herts on film...

Ready for more?

Hertfordshire just keeps on giving us the romance, drama, action, and wonder that we love oh so much. Grab the popcorn and read on to discover the huge range of filming locations and inspirations within the county. 

The Crown

Have you seen it yet? Watched the whole series in one weekend? We thought so. Netflix original The Crown is soon to be back on our screens and we just can’t tear ourselves away. Read through some of the spots in Herts transformed by the power of movie magic! 

History and Heritage Films

So many of the most acclaimed period dramas in movie history were filmed right here in our very own Herts! Check out our list of some of our favourites for you to discover, and then get set-jetting to walk the same halls as your favourite movie stars.

The Filming of After Life

Ricky Gervais' incredible dark comedy After Life, filmed right here in Hertfordshire, tells the story of love, heartache and humanity. Discover all of the places you can see on TV, right here in Herts! 

An Interview with Antilly the Wonderhound

To celebrate the sucess of the hit Netflix show, Afterlife, we invited Antilly and her owners back to Dacourm for the day, to show you some of their favourite spots and get a sitdown interview – Tambury Gazette style! – with the leading lady herself... (with a little help from her owners, Ashley and Beth!)

Hertfordshire on Film 

We've compiled a list of our favourite places in Herts that have starred on the big & small screen, including Paddington 2, Star Wars, The Crown, and the Harry Potter series, for your watching pleasure!

Filming in Dacorum

Explore all the filming fun that's been had in Dacorum, from Bridgerton to After Life. See the strides the district is making in the filming world!

Lights, Camera, Action! 

Elstree Studios is known as the birthplace of Star Wars, and some of the most famous films in the world have been produced here; the Indiana Jones and Star Wars trilogies, Superman, The Shining and Labyrinth to name just a few from an endless list. Have a look at the thriving studio in Herts.