Ellie Motta
19th February 2024

Monkeys swinging high in the trees, lions’ whiskers blowing in the breeze. The animals have come out to play, so why not join them on an adventurous day?

Embrace your wild side and make unforgettable memories by getting up close and personal with some exotic creatures. From tigers to meerkats, ponies to reptiles, you have the opportunity to have a ‘furry’ cool experience playing, feeding and learning all about our fuzzy wildlife friends. So strap in as we take you for a spin on the Hertfordshire animal experience tour. You’ll be ‘roaring’ to go…

Hertfordshire Zoo

First stop is Hertfordshire Zoo, a wildlife park with a difference, offering the most animal experiences in the whole of the UK! If you’re feeling brave feed a big cat and with Hertfordshire Zoo being the only UK wildlife park to house all five big cats, there are plenty to choose from. If felines aren’t your thing you can meet the meerkats, chill with the sloths and even have a bug bonanza in the reptile house.

A rumble in the jungle…

Willows Activity Farm

Now we hop on over to Willows Activity Farm which has over 300 farm animals and over 40 activities you and your little ones can get stuck into. Better still, you can meet your childhood hero, Peter Rabbit as he and his friends take part in daily shows and meet and greets. Be sure to head over to the feeding area where you can stroke rabbits, feed the chickens and leap with the lambs.

Old MacDonald had a farm…

The Grove Hotel

Now, you've seen the beautiful mansion, you've walked the elegant park gardens but have you gone horse riding in them? Embark on a horse riding adventure through the stunning grounds of Ashridge Estate. Are you more of a bird of prey lover? Take part in the Woodland Hawking experience and meet the gorgeous birds of prey gliding through the trees and hold out your hand for the birds to land on your glove. 

A must see and do for those animal-lovers...

Standalone Farm

Reopening this February!

Last but certainly not least is Standalone Farm where you can get involved in farmyard experiences like no other. Have you ever milked a cow or ridden a tractor? Fed a pig or groomed a pony? Well you’re in luck as you can embrace the true country life at this farmyard. Keep an eye out for weekly activities!

Life on the farm…