Holly Loftus
6th May 2024

Here in Herts we have plenty of fun activities that are perfect for keeping teens, tweens and adults active and off the sofa. For some, that means you won't need to worry about getting cold and also avoids the whole moaning about the typical British weather every two minutes. But saying that, we do have the ultimate winter sport on our list, but you’ll be in the full skiing gear so fear not, you’ll be nice and toasty.

So, from ski slopes to skateparks, let’s take a look at where you can get your thrills…

Laser Quest Hemel Hempstead

Video gamers, it's time to get that thrill for real! Hertfordshire's premier Laser Quest venue offers a full on immersive sci-fi adventure experience that's perfect for getting the adrenaline pumping. Each player will be geared up with their futuristic body pack and laser phaser before taking to the Laser Quest labyrinth of catwalks, mazes, special effects and more. Whether you've rounded up a team or fancy taking it solo, Laser Quest Hemel Hempstead is suitable for anyone aged six right up to adults, so it's a perfect spot to battle it out with friends and family. 

The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead

Remember when we mentioned the ultimate winter activity? Of course, we were talking about The Snow Centre! Seriously, you must have heard of this place or seen them over on TikTok? Right? So, if you’re eager to get on the board and test your snowboarding abilities, or perhaps you’re heading out on a skiing holiday soon and need to practice on the slopes, The Snow Centre is the place to go.

Lee Valley White Water Centre

Okay, don’t get too excited or anything, but when you get a text from your friend that says, ‘fancy braving the waves at Lee Valley?’ we just know how you adrenaline seekers are going to react. So, whether it’s been mentioned a few times but never quite made it out the group chat, or you’re the one pestering your friends to go, now’s the time! From White Water Rafting to Hot Dog Kayaking, whatever your choice of activity, you’re guaranteed to have fun, share laughs and make memories that’ll be told for years to come!

Drift Limits, Hemel Hempstead

You’ll certainly get your thrills with Drift Limits. Has it always been on your bucket list to drive a supercar? Perhaps your everyday car just isn’t doing it for you anymore and you like the idea of something a little… faster? Well, a lot faster actually. From supercar and drifting to passenger rides and police pursuit, there’s no doubt you’ll be leaving Drift Limits feeling like an F1 driver. You’re not though. Just remember that when you get back in your car.

TeamSports, Watford

Continuing with the ‘thrilling’ theme, we’ve arrived at TeamSport Go Karting in Watford, ever been? Prepare for chilling turns and jaw-dropping ramps as you whiz around the multi-level track. Call up that competitive friend and challenge them to see who can do the fastest lap… no pressure. Don’t forget to check out the Putt Club Crazy Golf too before completing your day with some food and drink with the topic of conversation being who was the best racer.

JumpCity, Broxbourne

Right, that’s enough driving for one day, we’re starting to feel exhausted. But no time to rest, because it’s time to jump with JumpCity – the number one trampoline park in Hertfordshire! With 50-linked trampolines meaning you can jump freely, the park also has two tumble lanes for budding gymnasts, a slam dunk zone, hang tough bars, jousting beam, cardio climb wall and two children’s party rooms. So basically, there’s plenty of fun to be had here at JumpCity!

XC, Hemel Hemptstead

Skate, climb, swing, you name it, XC Sports knows how to show you fun. Whether you’re there because it’s your favourite hobby, or you’re looking to practice new skills, XC Sports offers both open sessions and lessons, so soon you’ll be skateboarding or riding your BMX like a pro!

Escape Hunt, Watford

We couldn’t miss out an escape room now could we? It’s an activity we all need to experience and if you’ve never done one, then now is your sign! Escape Hunt in Watford is challenging you and your teammates to take part in an adventure full of problem-solving situations and puzzles that’ll have your pulses racing. Can you Escape the Wild West or will you get trapped in Alice in Puzzleland? There’s only one way to find out…