Max Mannouch
22nd August 2022

For those who fancy a thrill or seek to solve puzzles, grab a few of your mates and visit one of the many escape rooms in Herts. Whichever one you choose, you will have to work together so make sure you pick your team wisely!

Agent Brains Escape Games

This escape room, based in Letchworth Garden City, offers 3 different themes for you to try. 80s theme, Jungle theme and a Lab theme. The unique themes offer their own story-lines with puzzles woven into the story to help fully immerse you. You have 60 minutes to complete your game... who are you bringing with you?

Escape Hunt Watford

This 5 star rated escape room offers a unique twist with VR experiences. Their latest room named "Curse of the Pharaoh" invites you to step back in time to Egypt 1922. You are tasked with returning an ancient amulet or being cursed for life! Escape Hunt also have outdoor games and games you can play at home.

Locked Escape Rooms

The Locked Escape Rooms in St Albans have a wide range of themes for you to try, from a train robbery to a CSI crime scene. The train robbery gives you the opportunity to perform the ultimate heist, as you steal £2.6 million from a royal mail train heading to London. You can have up to 6 people in your team, so make sure you choose wisely.

Each room gives you an hour to solve the problem, can you solve it?

Ware Escape Rooms

With both physical escape rooms and online rooms, the Ware Escape Rooms has something for everyone. The 9 physical games allow for up to 8 players and offer a wide variety of themes from "Hunted" where sightless monsters hunt you and you can not make a sound to "Crown Jewels" an adventure perfect for 7 - 12 year old detectives who must work out who stole them!

Breakout Rooms

Gather your team, get locked in, hunt clues, solve puzzles, work as a team and escape! The Breakout Rooms in Watford offer 5 different rooms and have been played by over 8000 people. The rooms have varying difficulty, Spy Games 1 & 2 have been completed by only 26% of players! For the thrill seekers, try "Exorcism" or "Blackbeard's Quest" , 2 horror themed rooms with medium - advanced difficulty ratings. "The Lost City" is the best for beginners with a medium difficulty and a 76% pass rate, embark on your expedition across the rainforest to find the ancient city full of treasure.