Ellie Motta
22nd July 2022

In Hertfordshire there are many natural landscapes that are Instagrammable and captivating in many different ways! So dive in and take a look at our top chosen natural landscapes in Hertfordshire for you to explore on a day out.

Hitchin Lavender 

Take a stroll through the vibrant purples at Hitchin Lavender which is one of our summer staples that we believe is stunning! This picturesque location is well – known for their sea of lavender which looks unbelievable and is one of our best natural landscapes where you can relax and enjoy the calming location.

Credit to @campfiregin

Tring Park

Here’s one for the woodland lovers, known for being Woodland Trust’s most diverse and interesting sites. Wander through the gorgeous wildflowers, historic features, and open vistas with the most amazing views! Head through mixed broadleaf woodland and take a look at one of the largest areas of unimproved chalk grasslands that is in Hertfordshire.

Hatfield House, Park and Gardens

These picture perfect gardens were built by Robert Cecil and where Queen Elizabeth 1st spent most of her childhood. The trees, bulbs, plants and fruit trees, which had not been grown previously in England have been crafted to inspire and fragrance the garden, so why not visit today? There are beautifully designed gifts, jewellery, toys and many other treats which can be found in the Stable Yard shops and take a seat back and relax at the River Cottage Kitchen and Deli serving a variety of delicious foods throughout the day.

Henry Moore Studios and Gardens 

Henry Moore is well known for his stunning sculptures but did you know that he took inspiration from the natural landscapes that surrounded his home? Take a tour around the Moore family’s home and around the beautiful gardens that showcases his outstanding work.

Panshanger Park 

In this heat why not take a dip in the stunning lakes and river or take a slow walk around the woodlands, wildflower meadows and reedbed which gives a thriving habitat to an array of wildlife. The park is filled with butterflies, dragonflies, birds and wildfowl which can be enjoyed along the trails.

Rickmansworth Aquadome 

This local nature reserve is a stunning getaway to the Colne Valley Regional Park. With lakes that were naturally filled with water when the gravel extraction in 1920s stopped, creating a beautiful natural spring. Whilst acknowledging the outstanding landscape why not check out the range of clubs at the Aquadrome from sailing, water skiing, fishing and model yacht sailing. Then after take the scenic routes around the lake and see what you can find.

Cassiobury Park 

This is a Green Flag award-winning beauty spot which is celebrated in the national top ten list and is also known as ‘the jewel in Watford’s crown’. Take your children to the play areas or enjoy a picnic alongside the naturally beautiful River Gade. Bring your bikes and cycle around the cycling routes and explore the wildflower area to discover the outstanding array of nature that surrounds this park. This is a must do this summer!