Heartwood Forest

Heartwood Forest’s 347-hectare (858-acre) site rises from what was once mainly agricultural land. It’s so big that, when fully planted, it will be the largest continuous native forest in England; a place where everyone can find space, peace, wildlife and miles of beautiful woodland to explore.

Thanks to the hard work of thousands of volunteers, more than 500,000 trees have already been planted and local people have taken this new landscape into their hearts. There are still another 100,000 trees to plant over the next few years!
There’s not just new woodland at Heartwood Forest though, but precious pockets of ancient bluebell woodland, old hedgerows, wildflower meadows, wonderful bird life and open grassland.

A network of paths, including a public footpath and two bridleways, run in and around Heartwood Forest, as well as through the existing ancient woodlands. You can also explore the site by bike, horse or on foot.


Heartwood Forest
St Albans