Oxhey Woods Local Nature Reserve

Oxhey Woods is the largest Local Nature Reserve in Three Rivers at almost 100 hectares.  The woodland character is varied, created by centuries of management for various woodland products.  Oxhey Woods is an important Wildlife Site, notable for the unusual Wild Service Tree.  Sometimes known as the Chequers Tree because of its distinctively patterned bark.  Parts of the LNR are ancient woodland, having been continuously wooded for at least four hundred years, and possibly up to ten thousand years.  Features such as sunken pathways, earth banks and ditches can be seen.  In the past these earth works often marked boundaries between different land uses and ownership.

The LNR has an easy access 1km circular walk, which starts and finishes at the car park.  Sculptures along the way depict the wildlife and history of the woods.  For more energetic users there are several longer trails and numerous footpaths to explore.


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