Rothamsted Festival of Ideas

Rothamsted “Festival of Ideas” took place in June to celebrate the institute’s 175th anniversary. This unprecedented public weekend, free and open to all, attracted 8000+ festival-goers.

A tremendous amount of thought and effort ensured that the science was fun and interactive and that festival-goers had an unforgettable experience.

There were 35 exhibits across ten zones: Gene, Global, Health, Heritage, Wheat, Soil, Tech, Experiment, Grassland and Insect. Each offered well-crafted posters to help to explain what was going on, and many incorporated bespoke accessories, such as the “Tree of Trade-offs”. There were six tours: taking in the National Willow Collection; viewing the inside of the glasshouses and controlled environments; magnifying to grand scales in the BioImaging Lab; sleuthing in the Library; strolling through Manor Gardens; and riding around the farm on a tractor-trailer.

“Wow Wow Wow what a day. I have never met so many passionate people in such a small space, it is no surprise you are world leaders” – visitor feedback


Rothamsted Research
West Common