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Josh Carter
23rd April 2024

When a film crew rolls into town there’s nothing quite the like buzz and excitement you feel – knowing your area is going to be on the small or big screen for potentially millions to see. Sometimes, a familiar place is converted to reminisce on bygone eras (such as The Crown), or it’s used as it stands currently for the daily look needed in a current TV show (hello, After Life). So, to document some of the rumblings heard in the county so far of 2024’s films and TV shows that have been shot in Hertfordshire – here’s a little roundup of those appearing on the likes of Netflix, in cinemas and more very soon…


Bridgerton is set to return to our screens on 16th May and we're happy to say the production crew also decided to return to Hatfield Park for the brand new series! Behind the scenes of scandal, romance and seduction we know that Hatfield Park's Marble Hall featured as the scene of society balls in season one, the gardens were the very place where Charlotte and George met for the first time, and so much more. Prepare for more secrets, more lies and a whole new group debutantes in this new series.  

Masters of the Air

With big budgets and some of Hollywood’s most familiar names (Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks) producing, Masters of the Air was seen to be filmed in Hemel Hempstead’s old town back in 2021. While you’ll certainly be able to recognise the quaint shopfronts of the town, keep eyes peeled as they were modelled to look from the 1940s! The series is due to be released on Apple TV in 2024, which is a little behind schedule as the pandemic caused a few delays – but we’re sure this will be worth the wait.

Mary and George - Hatfield House

Another big Hollywood series has used Hertfordshire for its historical features – this time Sky Atlantic production Mary and George which stars the likes of Julianne Moore and Tom Curran. This eight episode series tells the story of power and love in the royal ranks. From the get go in the trailer we can spot Hatfield House’s Marble Hall which features in a banqueting scene – quite apt we feel given its own royal links! Another key location is Rothamsted Manor, which is cast as Compton Manor in the first couple of episodes. The real-life building is a stunning Grade I listed with a rich history and so it was the apt location to host the marriage of Mary and her final husband Sir Thomas Crompton - with according to sources, just the chandeliers and pictures being changed! 

One Day

For those of you who viewed One Day quicker than an actual one day, you will have seen Hertfordshire scattered throughout the Netflix hit series. A number of key scenes were filmed in Hatfield Park, with the maze making an appearance in episode six (no spoilers here!), and the Old Palace at Hatfield House is where Emma's best friend Tilly has her wedding reception, with the next door church St Etheldreda's Church being the place of the wedding itself. Acting as a Cotswold country home, the house at Benington Lordship Gardens makes for an incredibly awkward scene, but its recognisable, classical British interior was the ideal setting for the scene! 

Beetlejuice 2 - near Hitchin

Multi award winning Beetlejuice from 1988 has got a follow up, no less than 35 years later! The comedy/ horror/ fantasy film directed by Tim Burton has a top-tier cast including Michael Keaton, Catherine O'Hara, Jenna Ortega and Monica Bellucci, but fans in Hertfordshire were quite excited when they spotted Winona Ryder at the former Princess Helena College in Hitchin shooting scenes. Another which is due for release in September 2024, be sure to keep an eye out on those film posters!

The Lord of the Rings ‘The Rings of Power’ - Bovingdon Airfield

While this one has been kept under quite a wrap since it made the difficult decision to leave New Zealand for the UK due to the pandemic, there are multiple reports that Amazon Prime’s newest season of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’ used Hertfordshire for some its filming – most notably Bovingdon Airfield. We’re not quite sure how you’ll be able to spot the studios used, but its quite the boost for the studios which has been open just four years.

Deadpool 3 – Just over the border near Tring

Earlier in the year in July, some eagle-eyed people spotted A-listers Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds just over the border in Bucks. filming in the Pitstone Quarry. In this particular scene, the sandy backdrop makes the setting for quite the dust up between Deadpool and Wolverine. The third instalment of the comedy/ superhero film series will be released in September 2024 and features a large cast of well-known actors including Jennifer Garner and Owen Wilson.