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Sophie Hewitt
9th November 2022

Film lovers, if you haven’t seen Thomas Duke’s, AKA Stepping Through Film, incredible Instagram account, where have you been? In a matter of clicks photographer, film-lover and explorer Thomas can transport you from gorgeous manor house or city street to the backdrop of iconic film and TV scenes.

Over the last few weeks Thomas has been venturing out to some of our favourite filming locations in Hertfordshire, bringing them to life with his own brand of movie magic. Take a look at this film-lover’s trail through the UK’s answer to Hollywood.


Oh Knebworth, with its gothic exterior and Tudor interior, it’s no wonder so many filmmakers have been enchanted by this Herts gem. Thomas captures some of the manor’s starring roles, taking us from Wayne Manor in Batman to “Balmoral” in the King’s Speech, before transporting us to some sci-fi action at “Alnwick Castle” in Transformers: The Last Knight. From here, we take a stroll into the fantasy world of The Great Muppet Caper, before entering first period at notorious girls’ school, St Trinians! Phew! If you’ve never visited this Herts favourite, it’s safe to say you should, armed with Thomas’ snapshots to get the exact locations of the action. What’s more, with Knebworth’s new filming exhibition now open, there’s plenty more cinematic history to be discovered in these walls.

Hatfield House

Ok, deep breath for this one! Enola Holmes, The Crown, Batman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Fast & Furious, The Favourite, Sherlock Holmes, The Great, Rebecca, All the Money in the World, Victor Frankenstein, Lara Croft, Bridgerton, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, V for Vendetta…we’re going to stop there, but honestly the number of films Hatfield House has starred in is just astonishing! Thomas’ latest visit provides us with the locations for everything from where Lily James’ character’s fairytale marriage turned into a nightmare in Rebecca, and where not one but two Holmes siblings had their adventures, right up to a Bridgerton ball scene. Take in the Long Gallery (those gold ceilings!), step into the library (soooo much cinematic history has taken place here), and experience one of Hertfordshire’s filming icons.

Venture back as we share more of Thomas' set-jetting tours through Hertfordshire.