Sunsets for the summer solstice

Ah, those summer sunsets! It’s one of our favourite things about those balmy summer nights, universally loved and never the same twice. While this summer solstice might not be quite what we imagined, the beauty of the sunset is that you can see them wherever you are. Whether it’s a millennial pink hue or a dazzling golden glow, check out the very best of Hertfordshire's sunsets from our Instagram. If you head out to snap a pic of the sunset this summer solstice, make sure you #RespectProtectEnjoy, and find out more about exploring Hertfordshire here

The 'every tone of pink' sunset

You might have seen this wonderful snap from @grahamcustance a lot across Visit Herts – it’s easy to see why! The gorgeous bubblegum pink sky reflecting over the beautiful Tring reservoir... what’s not to love?

Photo by: @grahamcustance

Perfect purple skies

Swoon! The magical purple skies over Brocket Hall are really something to marvel at. Whilst the Brocket Hall estate is currently shut, we're lucky we've got pictures like this to enjoy them in the meantime. 

Photo by: @lastscenephotography

Komorebi (木漏れ日)

What is Komorebi you ask? Well chances are you've seen it many times before! It's the Japanese word for the phenomonenon of "the scattered light that filters through when sunlight is behind trees." Best enjoyed at sunset!

Photo by: @boblastphotography

Drone Shot

If you spend any time over on our instagram (and you really should, @visithertsuk!) then you'll know we're partial to a drone shot. Can you blame us? It allows us to see the full specture of colours across our skies. This snap over Hertford shows us that you can see the beautiful colours of the sky from your own window this summer solstice too.

Photo by: @366daysofphotography

Sunset seekers

Our streets are a little greener than most in Hertfordshire, so when you're out searching for the sunset in our glorious stretching countryside, you might even meet a furry friend or two along the way!

Photo by: @lewissellers_photography_uk

Orange skies

Fire skies from Tring are really lighting up our instagram feeds, if you'll excuse the pun! We're so happy that people get out there and capture these amazing skies for us all to see. 

Peachy pinks

Peachy pink skies and a bit of evening mist over the great outdoors in Stevenage makes for the perfect instagram shot! Or if you're lucky enough... to enjoy in real life too!

Photo by: @csearsphotography

Peaceful countryside evenings

Soaring over the beautiful sunset views of Ware! If you head out to our wide open spaces for a stroll this summer solstice, make sure you remember to #ProtectRespectEnjoy.

Photo by: @highflyingdroneshots


Reflecting on sunsets

Reflections are always a good thing - for life, and for sunsets! This snap by @markwest85 really takes our breath away. 

Photo by: @markwest85

Whilst out in Herts this summer solstice, remember to #RespectProtectEnjoy our lovely county's spots! Seek out a hidden gem, or get off the beaten path to see these gorgeous multicoloured skies. And remember, you just need to look up!