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Golf courses in Hertfordshire

Take a swing at some of Hertfordshire's beautiful golf courses. We've rounded up some of our favourite clubs from across the county to whet your appetite.

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Father's Day Ideas in Hertfordshire

We know how important is it to find the perfect day out or present for those all-deserving fathers, so check out our list of ideas from across Hertfordshire that'll be sure to show the main man in your life how much they mean to you...

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Hertfordshire Pride 2022

June is the start of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, where the community gets together to celebrate, raise awareness of issues that are faced every day by the gay community and advocate for equality for all. We’re lucky to have some fantastic events in Hertfordshire during this month right here...

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Hertfordshire's Green Flag parks

We've searched out some of the best parks in Hertfordshire. From parks perfect for picnicking, to boating lakes and sailing, these gorgeous Green Flag awarded parks should be your first stop on a sunny family day out.


Summer evenings in Hertfordshire

Enjoy the warm summer evenings in Hertfordshire, from outdoor cinemas to spooky ghost tours!

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Action-packed and adventure stacked

Bond. Indy. Bourne. Croft. Action heroes don’t come more action-y or hero-y than these legendary characters who have entertained cinema audiences across the globe for decades. World-renowned, these literary-turned-film characters are so popular, their adventures have been captured on screen with high-grossing film franchises that set the box office alight again and again! Aside from their daredevil antics (and kicking some serious on-screen butt!), do you know what else they have in common? Well, we certainly do! They have all spent time filming their high-octane adventures in Hertfordshire over the years, making use of its state-of-the-art, large scale production facilities and popular filming properties and locations.. When it comes to epic adventures and action-hero heritage, Hertfordshire is second-to-none so let’s dive right in and get a look a closer look at Hertfordshire’s slice of the action!

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Characters, corsets and all the classics

From Queen Victoria to William Shakespeare to King George, some of history’s most iconic individuals have been portrayed on screen in Hertfordshire locations in Film and TV hits spanning the decades. Not forgetting the most popular literary and screen characters too of course such as King Lear or even the Duke and Duchess of Hastings! Hatfield House, Wrotham Hall, Knebworth or Brocket Hall are just some of Hertfordshire’s historic and architecturally stunning buildings that have been made world-famous by UK period dramas based around these incredible characters, solidifying the county’s position right at the heart of the entertainment industry. Delivering authentic backdrops and details that complement the stunning storylines, sumptuous costumes and charismatic characters, the county’s much-loved locations are often the star of the show. Ogle at the opulence, marvel at the majesty and delight in the décor as you check out any one of these period properties and step back in time to relive some of the most memorable moments from cinematic and television history…


Let your imagination run wild

Setting the scene for soaring superheroes, fantastical creatures and epic battles, Hertfordshire’s fantasy film heritage includes some of the biggest blockbusters of all time… The world-renowned studios at Leavesden and Elstree attract a huge range of large-scale Sci Fi and Fantasy productions due to their state-of-the-art facilities, huge range of stages and backlots and highly skilled technicians and creatives – and this means Herts can lay claim to cinematic classics from Star Wars to Harry Potter! Working alongside the studio bases, Hertfordshire also offers a stunning range of ‘location stunt doubles’ (think Hatfield House for a French Chateau in Wonder Woman or Knebworth House as Wayne Manor) which really help to bring this popular genre to life. With a huge range of locations to visit (and of course the thrilling visitor attraction Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - ‘The Making of Harry Potter’ delivering the complete fantasy experience) there’s much inspiration to find in these fabulously fantastical locations. Read on for a deeper look into Hertfordshire’s starring role in some of our favourite big-budget fantasy blockbusters!


A crime to miss it!

Intrigue, mystery, deceit combined with fascinating characters and incredible story-telling - the winning formula for the perfect Crime drama! We absolutely LOVE a good Crime story here in the UK and have a long history with the popular genre starting with writers such as Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - writers who knew exactly how to create those recurring characters that capture hearts and minds over and over again. From classic shows such as Sherlock Holmes, Midsummer Murders and Inspector Morse to more modern productions such as Dr Foster and Hot Fuzz, Herefordshire is proud to have created some of the best Crime Film and TV stories and characters right here in the county. With such an incredible slew of productions under its belt, it’s easy (it’s elementary, surely?! ) to see how Hertfordshire became the filming centre for the Great British crime drama obsession…

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Filming in Dacorum

Explore all the filming fun that's been had in Dacorum, from Bridgerton to After Life.

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