Holly Loftus
16th November 2023

Have you seen it yet? Watched the whole series? We thought so. So, with the release of season 6 part 1 now available to watch on our screens, you're probably switching your phone onto 'do not disturb' and loading up your Netflix right about now. Because as soon as you hear that iconic intro sound, it's phones away, volume up, and no one talk to me for the next couple of hours. It's possible to get through four episodes in one night, right?  

While we’re royally impressed with Elizabeth Debicki's portrayal of Diana, Princess of Wales and have been wowed by Imelda Staunton's, as Her Majesty herself, what we’re really intrigued by are the stars of the background – The Crown’s filming locations! While the storyline may have transported us from Buckingham Palace to Balmoral, we happen to know not all is as it seems. Prepared for a little movie magic? We're taking a peek backstage at some of the Crown's Hertfordshire filming locations from the latest series, and just because we can spot a few other iconic locations in series four and five, we’ll cover them too! Let's get set-jetting in Herts....

Brocket Hall

Kensington Palace, the birthplace of Queen Victoria and home to young royals for over 300 years is featured in season 6, or so it would seem… The pretty much identical country house, Brocket Hall was actually hired to take on the role. Built out of the same distinctive red brick as Kensington Palace, there was no surprise that this stunning country estate located just outside Welwyn Garden City was favourite to step into the spotlight.

Elstree Studios

Picture it - the gates are opened and the music builds as a car containing a “member of the Royal Family” draws up in front of one of the world’s most iconic palaces, or so we all thought… You may not think it, but the three acre backlot at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire conceals a full sized exterior of Buckingham Palace, used since the first series of The Crown. And it doesn’t stop there, as this movie making icon is also home to the outside of Downing Street, the living quarters of the Palace, private plane interiors and even the cabinet rooms. Phew.

Ashridge House 

Surrounded by picturesque woodland that's been the background to many a thrilling scene, from Fantastic Beasts to Les Miserables, this country estate was transformed into Sunninghill Park in series five. Once home to the Duke and Duchess of York, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, this manor actually stands within the Windsor Great Park, but we're excited to watch our very own former royal residence, Ashridge House steal the limelight instead. 

Knebworth House

Balmoral, The Queen’s Scottish residence and the setting for those strained scenes between Margaret Thatcher and the Royal Family of series four (anyone for a game of Ibble Dibble?) Where is this romantic Scottish icon in The Crown? Knebworth House, of course. A fairytale house that’s been the setting of Batman The Movie, and The King’s Speech, it’s no surprise this magnificent manor was chosen as the location of some of those jaw dropping scenes inside Balmoral. Fancy a bit more of a look around? Of course you do…step inside

Hatfield House

It’s all about opulence and grandeur when it comes to recreating the various palace interiors, and Hatfield House’s regal rooms really fit the bill. This historic gem has graced the screen not only as the palace interiors in The Crown, but also in award-winning films, The Favourite and The King’s Speech. And, as the childhood home of all three of King Henry VIII’s children, it’s safe to say it has more than enough royal history of its own. Ready to take a peek?

Wrotham Park

There has been many a tense scene between The Queen and her Prime Ministers during the course of The Crown, but some of our favourites have to be between Olivia Colman and Gillian Anderson. Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire serves as the private audience room where Her Majesty predicts Thatcher’s proposed cabinet and even learns that sometimes parents really do have a favourite child. What’s more, this Hertfordshire house also doubled up as Princess Anne’s residence, Gatcombe Park during filming, taking us from London to Gloucestershire, when we really never left Hertfordshire.