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February half term fun

Sophie Hewitt
21st January 2019

School’s out (for the week), so are you feeling smug with plenty of perfect plans to keep your little ones busy during the holiday? No? We thought as much. From fun frolics to learning adventures, you’re in for a fantastic half term, and all without needing to embark upon a mammoth car journey across the country.

Willows Activity Farm

Spring has just about sprung so we’re crossing our fingers for plenty of fleecy fun at Willows Activity Farm for February Frolics. With live lambing, bottle feeding demonstrations and arts and crafts fun in Busy Bee Marquee, this is set to be the cutest place to spend a family day out in Hertfordshire this week.
Farming frolics

Frogmore Paper Mill

For all the crafting and fun without the unfortunate mess and clean up that comes with it, Frogmore Paper Mill is the perfect place to let their creativity run wild. Here you can make all manner of paper projects, from masks and baskets, to creatures and costumes. What are you waiting for? It’s time to follow the paper trail.
Creative crafting

St Albans Cathedral

Calling all budding archaeologists! A visit to St Albans Cathedral is an absolute must this half term. Discover how this 1700 year old site was created, uncover objects found in archaeological digs and get hands on with arts and crafts in this beautiful cathedral.
Dig it up

Paradise Wildlife Park

Lions, tigers and…dinosaurs! Yes, if you’ve got a little one who’s dippy about dinos, Paradise Wildlife’s Park’s 30 dinosaurs ought to send them into a Jurassic dream this half term. Of course, there are plenty of other creatures from afar to fuss over, 800 in fact, so we can guarantee this is one day out the kids will go wild for.
Wild at heart

The Galleria

Can it really be true? A day perusing more than 80 stores that the kids will actually love too? With the Galleria’s Get Wild adventure area for the children to explore, including slides, tunnels and rope walks, you might just find they will be the ones asking you for the next shopping trip.
Shop ‘til they drop

St Albans Museum + Gallery

Are you sick of the kids wasting time playing video games during the school holidays? It’s time to discover the joy and excitement of games through the centuries, with some of the most iconic games fresh from the V&A’s Museum of Childhood. If you fancy rolling the dice yourself, you’ll find plenty of hands-on activities and the chance to determine once and for all whether you’re a sore loser or a gloating winner!
Play on

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