Tash Reeves
15th March 2022

Hertfordshire, we're welcoming you back! In celebration of weekend plans being back on the menu, we're sharing some of our top tips for a weekend break without the stress...that just happens to be right on your doorstep. Ready to start planning your perfect local escape? 

Once upon a time, there was a county, a county full of wonder, mystery, and stories to pass on for generations, this county was Hertfordshire. Calling all culture vultures, lovers of fantasy, and storytellers. We’ve perfected the best places for you to walk in the footsteps of Hertfordshire’s historical figures and legends. Whether you’re interested in Herts' icons, the most intriguing historical locations in Hertfordshire, or the chance to uncover the stories of a hero, we’ve got the places for you.

Day 1

Morning - Henry Moore

Start your morning with some arts and culture! Do you know who has a better story then Bran the Broken? Henry Moore. 20th-century sculptor Henry Moore moved to picturesque Perry Green near Much Hadham in 1940, escaping the height of the London Blitz. Over the next four and a half decades he lived in the village, creating hundreds of sculptures that travelled out across the globe. Moore's monumental sculptures, are located on every continent and will be familiar to both UK and international visitors. Knife Edge Two Piece frequently appears on British television as there is a cast at Westminster.

Noon - Knebworth House & Gardens

Around noon, we suggest some music. Knebworth house is for the short time storytellers, those that prefer their stories in 3-minute bursts, Knebworth House is known as the British home of Classic Rock. Since 1974, Knebworth House has been THE rock concert venue featuring the likes of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen, Paul McCartney, Genesis, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Oasis and many more. The music doesn't stop there, It even featured on the new Netflix hit, 'Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga.'

Afternoon - Hatfield House

Spend the afternoon with familiar faces from the big screen! Do you want to walk in the footsteps of Wonder Woman, Victor Frankenstein and Poirot? Then you need to visit Hatfield House! The Jacobean-style house is home to centuries of history, it was even the childhood home of Elizabeth I and Hatfield is also no stranger to Hollywood. From the Jonas Brothers to Paddington Bear, Taboo to the Crown, Hatfield has hosted them all. Lord and Lady Salisbury are keen to support the arts, in particular, films, so relive your favourite stories, and discover more, all at Hatfield House.


The Galleria

The perfect adventure for little storytellers, The Galleria makes the ultimate afternoon out. Grab the popcorn and head to The Odeon for tales and stories to spellbind kids big and small, or Get Wild at the indoor jungle-themes play area that will tire out little monkeys...and maybe even give you the chance to have a quick stroll around some of those big brand shops! 

Day 2

St Albans Cathedral

Start your morning by learning of past martyrs. Alban is honoured as Britain's first saint, he gave shelter to a stranger fleeing from persecution. This stranger was a Christian priest, Alban was inspired by how important faith was to the priest and asked to be taught more about Christianity. It was not long until the Roman authorities caught up, however, Alban's new-found faith would not allow him to let the Romans arrest the priest. Instead, Alban exchanged clothes with the priest and was captured, allowing the priest to escape. This story of an ordinary man, doing an extraordinary thing has endured and continues to inspire to this day.

St Albans Museum and Gallery

The St. Albans Museum and Gallery is the place to immerse yourself in stories of the past. You can explore Courtrooms, and experience what it may have felt like to stand as the accused or oversee court proceedings from the Judge's chair. Make sure to visit the Handley Page exhibition and discover the fascinating history of the Radlett Aerodrome, where the most iconic aircraft were made. Learn about the Halifax aircraft and its impact in the Second World War. Do you want to know about the test pilot who broke the sound barrier backwards? You'll have to come to St Alban's Museum and Gallery!

St Albans City Tours Guides

Or spend the afternoon exploring the town! Calling all history lovers, we have the storytelling experience for you! Join a qualified guide and take a walk back in time from the medieval and Tudor heart of St Albans down to the site of one of the largest Roman towns in Britain. You'll be walking in the footsteps of pilgrims, revolting peasants and wealthy Romans. Discover a medieval monastery, one of England's oldest pubs and a Roman central heating system.

Afternoon - The Grove

Finish your day with some leisurely golf, on a steller course (sunset not included). There is no perfect way to start a story, we can all agree 'once upon a time' is a bit cliche all be it a classic. We've all heard the daddism's many times, stories of celebrities too farfetched to be true. Has your grandad ever told you about how he stood on Bobby Moore's foot? Because apparently, ours has. We here at Visit Herts want you to create your own story to pass on to the younger generations, like playing on the same golf course as Tiger Woods. Or that time you were having the perfect tee you turn around and see Barack Obama and David Cameron? This story can be true, just walk over to the Grove.

Stay - North Hill Farm

Glamping doesn't come much better than this. Big and little storytellers will absolutely love the individually designed glamping units with saunas, rainfall showers and rolling countryside making them the perfect retreat. Our favourite has got to be The Hut "That Shall Not Be Named" for a real magic getaway, complete with enough room for the whole family and inspiration to let little imaginations run wild. 

Spend the whole day 

Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

For the ultimate story lovers experience, dive into the mystic realm of the Harry Potter Universe. Get transported to a place of fantasy. From the Grand Hall, to the streets of Diagon Alley, even the vaults of Gringotts bank, the making of Harry Potter is the perfect place to immerse yourself in Harry's story. Bewitch all your senses, and taste the famous butter beers and chocolate frogs, get wand lessons and even fly on a broom. Not only is this perfect for storytellers, but you will also have a story to tell afterwards!

Stay - Pendley Manor Hotel

After your magical day at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, you'll be looking for cosy settings to hunker down and reread the Harry Potter books for the hundredth time! Pendley Manor is just the place. A stunning Grade II listed manor nestled in a serene forest glade, you'll enjoy a bottle of prosecco on arrival and time to relax, unwind and read to your heart's content...