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Local Heroes in Hertfordshire

Join us in celebrating the fantastic people spreading positivity all around Hertfordshire in a time of need...


Any plans for the weekend?

This weekend was supposed to be our fifth Herts Big Weekend. Thanks to Covid-19 it is going to be a lot smaller than planned.

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Paradise Wildlife Park's heroes

We're taking a behind-the-scenes peek at the work that goes on at Paradise Wildlife Park when taking care of the animals.


Thank you from Hertfordshire - Clap for our carers

Hertfordshire businesses are showing their support for the NHS and our frontline workers.

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Hertfordshire's Virtual Gardens

Settle down and get ready to spot all your favourite seasonal blooms, as we bring a little slice of Hertfordshire into your home!

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Behind the scenes of Hertfordshire's businesses

Stick with us as we take you on a super exclusive trip behind the scenes of our charming county, and say a special thanks to some more of our deserving hidden heroes…

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Summer Family Fun

It might not be the usual summer holidays this year, but it's definitely still the time to enjoy some summer family fun! Herts has just the places to keep the kids entertained from July to September, so get planning now...

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Businesses open for takeaway

When you need that little pick me up, the food and drink businesses of Herts are here to help! In line with the government restrictions, many of our favourite spots have pivoted to a takeaway service, and we're letting you know the very best to enjoy...

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How to be an environmentally conscious tourist

Sustainability is on our minds now more than ever before, so here are​ some tips on how to become a greener tourist in 2022.

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Health and well-being in Hertfordshire

This past year many of us have had plenty of time to ourselves, plenty of time to reflect and the ability to breathe in the positives. All of those principles are key to our health and wellbeing and what a time to need it! To continue our slower pace of life, you may take a walk in your local park or woodland or even take part in a new course from organisations across Herts. Whatever you need to have mindfulness and staying fit and healthy, 2021 is the year to do it.

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