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Sophie Hewitt
4th March 2024

Coming to Sky Atlantic on 5th March, Mary & George is the latest jaw-dropping, must-see historical psychodrama to have us gripped to our screens. Promising treachery, seduction and murder, we were already hooked from the trailer, but when we found out that much of this historic series was filmed right here in Hertfordshire, we simply couldn’t get enough!

Telling the tale of a mother and son who schemed and plotted to conquer the Court of England, this epic drama has taken full advantage of Hertfordshire’s gorgeous manor houses, with stars Julianne Moore, Nicholas Galitzine and Tony Curran spotted in the county in February and March last year. Ready to peek behind the scenes? Read on…

Hatfield Park

We’re used to a little movie magic here in Hertfordshire, so we were hardly surprised to find out that scenes set in King James’ London Palace were actually shot in none other than our very own Hatfield House. With its very own rich history and Jacobean architecture, there couldn't be a better choice and what’s more the house was built in 1611 by Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury and Chief Minister to King James himself. Keep your eyes peeled for The Old Palace and Marble Hall among the scenes of cavorting, ballroom dancing, the King’s Banquet and masque play. And remember, by the time you’ve binge-watched the series twice, Hatfield Park will have fully reopened, ready to welcome curious fans and keen-eyed viewers.

Rothamsted Manor

Another set, another Hertfordshire manor. Remember when we mentioned scheming and plotting, well it turns out it’s not just the characters who can be accused of trickery, as the team behind the series managed to dupe us into believing Rothamsted Manor was actually Compton Manor. The beautiful Grade I listed manor has a history dating back to the 17th century, making it a prime choice as a stand in for Compton Manor where Mary marries her final husband, Thomas Compton. Super fans can even step into Mary’s shoes with their very own wedding at Rothamsted Manor, or opt for a touch of the royal treatment with afternoon tea and views across the beautifully manicured gardens.

Ashridge Estate

Our next location has been used many times for the big and small screen and made for the perfect spot for hunting scenes. King James was a huge fan of this popular royal pastime, so the producers knew the setting had to be just right. Ashridge Estate was selected for its forest paths, country roads and rich history, dating back to the Iron Age and Roman times. While the estate remains popular, its diverse landscapes and habitats are under threat, making it a protected area, so we recommend heading just a stone’s throw away to the nearby Ashridge House, once the royal residence of King Henry VIII and Princess Elizabeth I! The 190 acres of gardens and 700 year old house offer a glimpse into life way back in the Jacobean and Tudor period. Walk the gardens or settle in for drinks in The Vault Bar, or sumptuous local produce in their very own restaurant.

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